2022 Colouring Pages

The below is extracted from The River-side: Reflections on Research Collections blog. To view the full post, please visit the #ColourOurCollections: Introduction blogpost by Elaine Harrington.

UCC Library & #ColourOurCollections

In February 2022 UCC Library participates for the first time in #ColourOurCollections sharing images from Special Collections & Archives to spread awareness and better engagement with our collections by inspiring creativity and sparking curiosity. As the lead in this project I asked John Rooney, Emma Horgan & Emer Twomey for the widest range of items to showcase the variety of collections, subject matter and formats present in Special Collections & Archives. Emer, Emma, John and I created all ‘about the artwork’ descriptions throughout the colouring book. In addition, the images needed to adhere to copyright restrictions and avoid content that might be considered offensive or controversial. This resulted in:


Curved wall decoration with two mermen on either end of the wall decoration and a classical Greek or Roman face in the middle.
Collection: BL/EP/B/A/10_wall decoration, Bantry Estate Collection: Ancillary, UCC Library Archives.

Subject Matter:

  • architecture
  • botany
  • country scenes
  • Irish history
  • Irish literature
  • Dutch cartography of Munster
  • political satire
  • street scenes
Two sketches: on the left is a N With a series of rectangles layered underneath the N. On the right is a bull leaping. Under the N is the word Nevada. Under the bull are the words super strong.
Subject matter: detail from portfolio sketches, BL/VC/EF Elizabeth Friedlander Collection, UCC Library Archives.


  • prints
  • printed books
  • manuscripts
  • maps
  • sketches
On the left is a map of the coastline of Baltimore Bay showing Sherkin and Cape Clear islands. In the middle is the stylised framed title page of a late 19th century Irish language manuscript. On the right is a sprig of Festuca littoralis.
Different formats: map (van Keulen’s ‘Baltimore Bay’ inset), manuscript (Ls 150), printed book (plate 80 – Festuca littoralis’ in John Sibthorp’s Flora Graeca). All Special Collections, UCC Library.

#ColourOurCollections: 2022

UCC Library’s colouring book (2022) will remain accessible year-round for free download. Access the colouring book:

Share your filled-in images on social media using the hashtags #ColourOurCollections #ColorOurCollections (as the campaign launched in the US many institutions use the American spelling of colour!). Tag us in @UCCLibrary @theriversideUCC – we can’t wait to see what you share! A gallery of the images is also available on Play!


#ColourOurCollections Copyright © 2022 by UCC Library. All Rights Reserved.

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