Curlew from Francis Orphen Morris. A history of British birds. London: Groombridge and Sons, 1851-1857.

Collection: Special Collections, UCC Library, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.

Francis Orpen Morris (1810–1893) was an Irish clergyman and naturalist, born in Cobh, County Cork. He is best remembered for his works on natural history. His best-selling six volume A History of British Birds (1851-57) was aimed at a popular, rather than scientific, audience. The Curlew is a winter visitor to wetlands throughout Ireland. It is Ireland’s largest wader and can be distinguished by its long legs and neck, and bulky greyish brown body. According to BirdWatch Ireland, the numbers of this red-listed species have declined substantially in recent decades, due to increased afforestation and agricultural intensification. It is an occasional visitor to University College Cork campus. For more information see: Life on Land: Birds & Trees from the 17th-21st Centuries.


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