Gingerbread Baker

Gillray, James – “Tiddy-Doll, the great French-Gingerbread Baker drawing out a new Batch of Kings – his Man hopping Talley mixing up the Dough,” [1806].

Collection: BL/CV/PolP/N/11, Political Prints, Special Collections, UCC Library, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.

About the artwork: This is a satirical image of Napoleon as a gingerbread baker, drawing the baked figures of three kings (labelled ‘Bavaria’, ‘Wirtembg.’ and ‘Baden’) out of a stone baking oven with a large wooden peel. In the background Talleyrand can be seen mixing dough labelled ‘Poland’, ‘Hungary’, ‘Turkey’ and ‘Hanover’ in a vat titled ‘Political Kneading Trough’. In the foreground, a wicker basket contains freshly baked figures (Napoleon’s relatives and favourites) ready for delivery.

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