Wall Decoration

‘Wall decoration’ is one of 134 images in a large hardback scrapbook belonging to [Richard, Viscount Berehaven] with pencil, ink and coloured drawings of landscapes, buildings, individuals, and ships, showing Pompeii, Napoli, Rome, and Amalfi coastline.

Collection: BL/EP/B/A/10_wall decoration, Bantry Estate Collection: Ancillary, UCC Library Archives, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland.

About the artwork: It was the first Earl of Bantry’s eldest son, Richard White, who in the 1830s-1840s while still Viscount Berehaven, laid the plans for the magnificent house and gardens extant today. Prior to and after his marriage he extensively toured the Continent, travelling as far as Russia and Poland, making sketches of landscapes, vistas, houses and furnishing which he later used as inspiration in expanding and refurbishing Bantry House, Bantry, Co. Cork. These sketches can be regarded today as similar to marking certain designs and colour inspiration for ideas on home improvements on Instagram.

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